Full Stack Web Development 360 Course


Full Stack Web Development 360

Join the best and most effective full-stack web development course to date. Delivered in online & offline formats.

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What You Will Get In This Course

  • 8+ hours of video tutorials. Free update for life.
  • 4 full-day physical classes at Six Hatch, Petaling Jaya on 21-22 July & 11-12 August.
  • Lifetime warranty for course.

Full Stack Web Development 360 is a web development course with both, online and offline classes - designed for accelerated learning.

You'll get these lessons in a 4-week, online video course that covers the ENTIRE process of building a complete website.

There will also be 4 physical full-day classes in between, where you'll meet the mentors and reinforce your learning. The online and offline learning experience is what we call, hybrid learning.

You'll learn the exact methods, frameworks, and examples of building web applications - touching both, front-end and back-end programming. Then present your final web application by the end of the course — even if you're a complete beginner.
And you won't just learn how to build a website. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills of a full stack web developer - ready to take on a career jump or life upgrade.

Why Is Full Stack Web Development 360 different?

We include everything in the web development process - from building front-end web elements, backend server side to building a full-scale web application.

All of these, while focusing on practical skills that are needed in real-life job demands.
No other course includes real-life case studies and is as effective as this one - which we've built over a 10-year experience.

You don't need a background in programming to cope with this course. Our role in this course is to turn you into a
job-ready full stack web developer.

  • If you have zero experience in web development - our mentors will show you where to start.
  • If you get stuck building your web application - we have a support system to help.
  • Most students forget what they learned after a 4-week sprint - We have a system to ensure what you learn, sticks with you.
  • Heck. You get a lifetime warranty with this course.

Take a look at the online library

Lifetime access, every update free for life.

  • When you join, you get access to the entire video library. Every update we make, will be available to you - for life.
  • Each online module contains the main video, with its accompanying documents, tools, worksheets, case studies and assignment materials.
  • The hours we put in, case studies, tools and materials that you get access to will answer everything you need to become a true full stack developer.
  • This is not the same type of online videos or tutorials you find online.

Course Syllabus & Schedule

Online Module 1: Introduction to Web Development

  • Workspace setup and installation of tools.
  • Creating your first website.
  • Mastering HTML: Using HTML elements to structure your website.
  • Mastering CSS: Using Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) to style your applications.
  • Course Syllabus & Schedule

Online Module 2: Front-End Web Development
  • Learn JavaScript - The only language that works for both clients and servers.
  • Key major concepts in Javascript.
  • Create interactive websites using JQuery framework.
  • Building a responsive website using Bootstrap framework.
  • Physical Class | 21 - 22 July 2018| Venue: Six Hatch, Petaling Jaya
  • Join our 2-days physical class, where you bring questions, get them sorted and do a catch-up. Our mentors will ensure you are on track and meet key learning milestones before proceeding to the second half of the course.

Online Module 3: Backend Development
  • Introduction to NodeJS -- the JavaScript backend engine
  • Handling event loops
  • Building Web servers using JavaScript and ExpressJS
  • Managing packages using NPM

Online Module 4: Front-End Components and Data Binding

  • Introduction to component-based FrontEnd using Vuejs
  • Two-way data binding
  • Front-end event handling
  • Build a Single Page Application (SPA)

Online Module 5: Data Storage for Web
  • Setup real-time database with Firebase
  • Firebase Syntax
  • CRUD operation on Firebase
  • Linking your web application with Firebase

Physical Class | 21 - 22 July 2018| Venue: Six Hatch, Petaling Jaya

  • Join our 2-days physical class, where you bring questions, get them sorted and do a catch-up.
  • Our mentors will ensure you are on track and meet key learning milestones before proceeding to the second half of the course.

Online Module 6: Building a Full Scaled Web Application

  • Setup custom and dynamic routes
  • Understand REST and Microservice architecture
  • Build quality Application Programming (API) endpoints
  • Integrating data from different applications using RESTFUL API

Online Module 7: Authentication and Integration
  • Securing your website with user authentication
  • Send email from your web application
  • Integrating your web application with external services

Online Module 8: Deployment and Hosting
  • Understanding how domain works
  • How to register your own domain (e.g. www.cherhan.net)
  • Choosing suitable web hosting applications
  • Deploying your apps to cloud

Physical Class | 11 - 12 August 2018 | Venue: Six Hatch, Petaling Jaya
  • Join our 2-days physical class where you learn the final lessons of full stack web development and present your finished product during class.
  • Get in touch with our mentors and ensure effective learning.

Your Instructors

You'll learn serious web development skills and their experience from real-world projects.

Get help anytime you need it

Whether you need help with a bug, or looking for a career recommendation, we got you covered.

Full Stack Web Development 360 case studies

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Earn A Certificate

You'll get a certificate at the end of the course.

HRDF Claimable

Are you a company who wants to send your team to the training? This course is fully HRDF-claimable.

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Jul 21 - Jul 22, 2018
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM MYT
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